Penny’s handmade custom & personalized gifts

Penny’s handmade custom & personalized gifts

“Inspired from my friends’ kids, and my kids’ friends”

Loving children and making them feel happy, has been my way of thinking, my way of life.  Having become a mother, I realized the importance of recognizing the feelings of children, loving them endlessly for what they really are, caring about the things they like, and making them feel exceptional.

During the years, I have been trying to find ways to show my children and my friends’ children, how special they are. My wish has always been to make them understand that we are all different and unique.

And then… an idea came to my mind… how about showing our children how special they are, by offering them presents at special occasions that are custom made for them only! How about making each and every piece of work different from the other? How about making it personalized for our child only! And from that… “Penny’s custom gifts” came to life. Gifts of love, gifts of passion, gifts of affection.

Soon after that, another idea came to me. How about making unique custom and personalized gifts not only for our kids, but for all our beloved ones…

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