About Penny

About Penny

“Inspired from my friends’ kids, and my kids’ friends”

Penny is passionate about light and lighting. She has been active in the lighting industry for more than 15 years. She has a PhD on lighting design with LEDs (UCL, 2016) and an MSc in Light & Lighting (UCL). Her first custom gifts, the illuminated picture frames, are inspired from her background in the lighting field. She has made many presentations on light & lighting in conferences, but she is also very happy to make interactive seminars on light & lighting to toddlers.  Penny has an MSc in HRM and a BA in Economics.

She is married to Matthios, who has always been motivating and encouraging her to do things. Together they have two wonderful kids, who have changed the way they think and live. Penny’s family has inspired her to look into herself, to become a better person, to express herself in different ways, to become more creative.

Inspired from her family, an idea came to her mind. Penny thought “How about showing our children how special they are, by offering them presents at special occasions that are custom made for them only! How about making each and every piece of work different from the other? How about making it personalized for our kid only!” And from that… “Penny’s custom gifts” came to life. Soon after that, Penny decided to extend her range of gifts so as to also include unique custom and personalized gifts for all our loved ones, little ones and grown- ups.

Penny’s custom gifts are handmade, personalized, or custom. Penny’s team makes with love, sews with affection, and designs with passion. Penny hopes her gifts will bring happiness to children and your beloved ones!

Penny Chatziefstratiou Michelinaki


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